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Our Programs

We work as an extracurricular education club. We provide all children with a hot nutritious meal, fruit and 4 hours of extracurricular education weekly.

On a daily basis we aim to fill bellies, put smiles on faces and sow a few seeds of curiosity. As the weeks have gone by we have seen children become more confident and eager to learn. New concepts such as respect and responsibility as well as problem solving ideas are helping these children fulfil their potential.
We know that education is absolutely critical to the future of the children and their families but also to the future of this valley. We aim to provide these children with not only the tools for a successful future but also the emotional support to become responsible leaders of their communities.

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Organic Gardening

Through the garden we work on science, math, geography philosophy and spark the children´s curiosity to learn and love for environment.  
Respect and empathies with all living beings are the core of our classes.


Technology literacy, tutoring and English

We share different tools to navigate technology and its use as the great resource it can be and provide extra support on their school subjects, also we use the Jolly phonics methods to learn the basic of English as they play. 

emotional inteligence.jpg

Emotional Intelligence , Movi - Creando & Martial arts.

Confidence, team work, discipline, active learning, problem solving and self-esteem are some of the topics we work through different activities and workshops.


We have developed a great program, that children love by being in the garden and learning new skills. Receiving regular healthy meals allows them to develop physically and mentally.

Our ambitions are high; we want to extend this type of education to as many kids from the high Andes as possible. Your contribution will help us take the next step and expand our program to more children in the local areas. Our outreach projects from the farm will allow us to engage the local community, build bridges and create enthusiasm and support for the program as well as providing a hands-on experience for the students. In the long run we aim to create a generation of children who have had access to the education they need, acting respectfully towards their environment, and knowing how to work in harmony with nature.

 We believe that these specific program will help alleviate some of the stresses and hardship that poverty brings and prepare these children to be successful adults, family members, community leaders and caring parents of the next generation.

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