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Our children come from high Andean communities and the valleys below them.  These communities are located in the Peruvian mountain range of the Andes in Cusco – Peru above 4000 meters high (14,000 ft.)

These are rural areas where access to electricity and running water are just being implemented.

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None to minimal access to education and good nutrition are also a common situation on these areas.

All of the children, since their early years in live, start working as a way of supporting their families. children are responsible from working their land and caring for younger siblings to looking after their animals and laboring.

This all creates a difficult environment for them to pursue education or just to experience their childhood, but this hard upbringing makes them resilient and brave.

We work with small groups on the educational programs to begin the process of learning and wanting to learn, most of our children come to us with none or very poor basic writing and reading skills, is hard for them to pay attention, they have little structure, discipline or respect towards each other and others.

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We have experience that after a few weeks working together, the changes we see are like day and night.

Our children are that, CHILDREN just with  different life experiences, but with the same spontaneity, energy, innate mischief curiosity and happiness.

Our children and any high Andean child are our reasons to create ways to improve this reality.

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