About Us


Sweet child peru is a project that works to create and improve life oportunities for high Andean children in peru.

In July 2020 we took over 1200m2 of overgrown land attached to the Sillacancha primary school and set about transforming it into an interactive learning garden that would also provide healthy organic meals for the children.

in the garden we have a stimulating learning environment where we can make the most of hands on learning experiences and combines gardening with math, science, history, geography, critical thinking, problem solving and other subjects.

our outdoor class room provides a shady and peacefully spot to study with our fantastic teachers.
we have been providing many children with classes in Organic gardening, English, Computer literacy, tutoring help with their assigned homework and fun emotional development classes where the children learn through play and group tasks.


In return for our work with the soil our garden has been bearing fruit, as of December 2020 we have been providing over 100 hot, healthy, organic meals per week for local children and parents. Malnutrition and Anemia is a serious problem in the Peruvian Andes, one of the most serious symptoms being lack of energy and concentration. Before trying to educate our children we knew we had to attack this problem directly, in the garden we devote large areas to the production of iron rich crops, such as beans, broccoli and kale whilst supplementing their lunches with citrus fruits.

Our garden demonstrates sustainable, organic agriculture methods in a way that is approachable and achievable for local farmers in the valley that are increasingly reliant on chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Our primary focus is regenerating the top soil via accessible organic methods.


Who is Sweet Child Peru Today


The Farm

Shortly after the shut-down we quickly partnered with the local primary school and a school that most of our children attend. The school provided us with a wild and unused plot of land that we have turned into an abundant and beautiful organic farm with a fledging orchard, and a verdant greenhouse. As children come to the school to pick up their lessons, we are able weekly to feed over a 100 children nutritious meals. In a limited capacity now, that will grow when school reopens, small groups of children are also participating in our educational programs that engage them in learning about sustainable farming practices With additional classes in the arts, environmental education, litercy, math and a social emotional learning activities and more.

Our new way forward as we work every day is now beginning to take hold and our organic educational teaching farm is a thriving teaching center headed by Diana Suero and Tom Henriksen. We are also creating the first children’s library in the area. To learn more about our work please see our facebook and instagram where you can learn about all that we do.

Sweet Child Peru is a project of Sach’a Munay a USA non profit 501(c)3 and Asociacion Ninos Altos Andinos

All board member’s are volunteers.