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Our Story

"We are all in this together! This world has become so interdependent whether we want or believe this.  It is true and science can prove that what happens in the remotest place on earth ripples to where we sleep be it New York City, Mumbai or the Andes. Even if we do not know the name of a plant yet named or what has yet to be discovered at the bottom of the oceans their connection to our survival as stewards of this place that feeds, breaths , houses, clothes, entertains and inspires us is a knowing buried deep in our very being." 

Louisa Callery
Sach’a Munay / Sweet Child Peru


In 2015 I started a dormitory for children close to the Sillacancha Primary School located in the Calca Cusco region of Peru.

Sach’a Munay a Usa 501(c)3 whose mission (Sach’a Munay’s is to learn from, nurture, and preserve the existing wisdom, traditions, and lands of the world while co-creating a way forth that meets the challenges of the present )a non profit was formed to raise funds for the Sweet Child Peru dormitory to serve children from several local high Andean communities who were walking many hours down their mountain’s to school in the Sacred Valley. Many children were without proper nutrition or a safe place to sleep Monday to Friday or whose attendance was sporadic due to the difficulty in getting to school.

For us it was undeniable that the children in the dorm carry a tenacity and courage in taking the trek many hours from their homes to get an education. Our goal was to support their transition to what we call this new material world with enrichment programs including tutoring, art and music as well as honoring, and learning from, the wisdom traditions that they bring from their high Andean communities. We provided a home away from home Monday to Friday with high-quality nutritional meals. (Anemia is epidemic in their communities and many other communities in the high Andes and directly affects their early childhood development.)

IMG-20210621-WA0014 (1).jpg

Our dormitory was closed in light of the World Pandemic in June of 2019.

Since the beginning of the world pandemic Sweet Child Peru has been working every day meeting the needs of the families we serve. Immediately after the pandemic our beloved dorm was turned into a food distribution and news center for our families.

Our dorm was packed up and closed after three months knowing that schools were not to open until 2021 and now 2022 and blankets and supplies were distributed to our families and other families in need.

We have donated food baskets on horse back to families who until recently depended upon tourism to meet their needs.


We have grains donated by the Municipality of Calca and we provide protein ,fresh vegetables from our organic farm adding fruit.

The natural transition to an organic farm education program came at record speed. The once dead soil now burgeons with healthy microorganisms and is a learning ground that teaches and provides nutritional meals for our children another home away from home.

Please see our new way forward as we together sow the seeds necessary for our beautiful earth and all her children.

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