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for children to sleep, to be nurtured, to learn, and be loved


Our Story.

We created this project after hearing that some children who went to schools in the Sacred Valley were living in abandoned homes during the week because their walk to and from their mountain communities was too far or too dangerous. For some, the one-way journey takes over three hours. Soon after hearing about these kids’ stories and learning the needs of the schools and communities, we signed the lease for the current house, bunk beds were installed, and we opened the house. From the initial shortlist of 70 kids, we were able to house 16.

Initially, some of the kids were too timid to even enter the building. Others were excited to lay down in their first-ever bed. And now, over three years later, we are happy to see that the kids have grown in so many ways- socially, physically, emotionally, and educationally. The house has grown as well- we now host 17 children.

Our team has evolved along with the house, adjusting as we listen to the real needs of the communities and the children. The house provides a safe space for the kids to eat nutritious food, have a warm bed to sleep in, and to share learning in community. We hear that there are still more children who come knocking at the door, hoping there is space for them. So we hope to be able to offer more space in the future, and we dream that we can build a larger, more permanent space for them. It

The Kids.

We currently host 17 children from four different high-mountain communities. The youngest is 6 years old, and the oldest is 16; 4 are girls and 13 are boys. They currently attend three different schools- Sillacancha School, Fundación Niños del Arco Iris, and Escuela Secondaria de Huaran.

The kids enjoy a wide range of activities, such as playing football (soccer), singing, dancing, drawing and painting with their art teacher Andrea, yoga, muay thai, origami, and other activities that different volunteers and instructors have welcomed into the home. They also enjoy reading books, playing chess, or solving puzzles with their friends. We also encourage the kids to write and illustrate stories about themselves, or stories from their imaginative minds, which inadvertently continues their traditions and culture from their ancestors.

Though some of the children come from challenging backgrounds filled with neglect or abuse, we see that they are resilient and strong. We have witnessed that just by simply providing a safe space, they have opened up about some of the issues they face in their lives. We support and love them as they are, and we always listen to their stories, real or fantasy.

The Team.

STAFF. The staff live with and work with the children at “Irqichay” House on a daily basis.

Norma Yuca - House Supervisor and Cook

Diana Suero - Director, Media & Communication, Volunteer Coordination
dianasuero@gmail.com +51946772549

Jesus- Activities Coordinator, Tutor, Media & Communication
jesus.alcides.dorado@gmail.com +51930955618

THE ASSOCIATION. “Asociacion Niños Altos Andinos” is the official local organization which manages the operations and outreach for Sweet Child Peru.

Louisa- Founder, Fundraising, Volunteer Coordination
louisacallery@gmail.com +51957266345

Karin- President

Paradis- Vice President, Fundraising, Social Media
paradiseharirchian@gmail.com +19258998136

Hetty- Treasurer, Fundraising, Liaison for US Board
hetty@thetagateway.com +51958224946

Chere- Secretary, Fundraising, Support for Daily Activities
chere@eluxemagazine.com +447427266717

Adam- Member, liason with US Board
cocreativepermaculture@gmail.com +51984990927

THE U.S. BOARD. "Sach'a Munay" is the U.S.-based official 501(c)3 which directs funds to the house and projects.

Ann Buxie- President

Sue Eldridge, Advisor
Linda Gibbs - Treasurer

Bibi Jordan - Secretary
Adam Woodman - Member, liason with Peru Board


After successfully running for three years, we have seen how the children have grown. Some of these growths are subtle, and others are tremendous. The teachers at the schools have told us how amazed they are at how much the children have changed since staying at the dorm.

The Staff at the house are trained and are experienced in education, so the children have the opportunity to receive assistance with their homework and reading. The tangible growth of their education is apparent along with the intangible growth.

“A” was a student who was often found hitting other kids. Now he doesn’t, and this happened naturally after he moved into the house, where he had a safe and loving space for him to be nurtured.

“F” didn’t have much of a childhood after his father passed away and he had to take care of his seven siblings for many years. He didn’t have the opportunity to attend school when he was younger, but now he is learning organic, sustainable agriculture, learning how to read and write, and enjoying creative activities. We noticed he has been drawing “roots” in his pictures of trees, and think it’s a perfect metaphor for the foundation he is growing in this phase of his life.



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The best way to donate is to our tax-exempt 501(c)3 US NGO “Sach’a Munay” via Paypal (link)

We also have a crowdfunding campaign: https://www.youcaring.com/sweetchildperuirqichaydorm-1109266

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Thank you so much for your care and contribution! We hope you can visit us soon!

Our Supporters

Thank you to InpeCable for generously supplying our space with internet throughout the year. Because of this, the children are able to learn how to access the internet for their homework and for their futures. https://www.facebook.com/InternetPeruCable/

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Foundación Niños del Arco Iris is a project based in Urubamba. We have several of our kids who attend their school. We are working together to achieve similar goals for the children. https://www.facebook.com/fundacionninosdelarcoiriscusco

Family Foundation

Since we began this project, the Hendrickson Family Foundation has been a huge supporter of our project each year. We wouldn't be able to continue our project without them. Thank you!


Our work is run on donations via PayPal, Crowdfunding, Cash, Check, etc. We are so grateful for every little bit of contribution and donation. Here is a list of people who have contributed so far, big and small and most importantly from the heart:

Alexandra Hampton * Aline Rozok * Angela Mullins Blueskies * Ann Buxie * Ark Balagan * Ashera Serfaty * Bianca Di cesare * Bob & Kay Callery * Carlos Lluch * Charles BonarJr * Chrissa Karagiannis * Christian Cerva * Courtney Small * Debbie Pommer-Siegel * Debra Shields * Dee Kaplan * Diane Dunn * Dianette Wells * Deirdre Lenz * Eluxe Magazine * Gemma Waltz * Hetty Driessen * Holly Schuck * Jamee Curtis * James Wood *Javier Regueiro * Jasmine Bell * Jed and Keri Parnell * Jesse Vaughan * Jim Dewell * Jo-Dea Schive * Joseph Metz * Julie Hannon * Julie Poxon Penney * Kim Garvin *Kula Collective * Laura Lago * Linda Gibbs * Louisa Callery * Lynn Soli, Global Visions Fund * Marilyn Lewis-Hampton * Mark Carlson * Matt Boyle * Maureen Poxon * Missy Tatum * Network For Good * Nicolo Balzani * Pamela Wirht * Paul Boyle * Paulette Waltz * Paymann Harirchian * Robert Callery * Sara Heidingsfelder * Satori Yoga * School Yoga Institute * Sue Eldredge * Tanis Perez * Tom Hendrickson Margaret Trost * True Nature Education

*If you do not see your name here and you have contributed, please email sweetchildperu@gmail.com. We would like to acknowledge everyone who has helped to make this happen. Thank you so much!